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  • The Season will take place from Monday September 11 to Monday November 27.

  • The Semis will take place on Monday November 20 (pending washouts)

  • The Finals will take place on Monday November 27 (pending washouts)

  • The venues will be:

​- Caulfield Park Tennis Centre
- Royal Park Tennis Club
- Tennis World Albert Reserve




  • Each round will be played on two courts per venue

  • There will be three groups of matches per night with two matches per round. Six matches played altogether.

  • For any match up, there are 4 players in each team, ranked in order of merit first to fourth. Team members must play in their order of rank.

  • Six doubles sets are to be played between pairings of: first and third-ranked players and second and fourth-ranked players (1st round of sets); first and second ranked players and third and fourth ranked players (2nd round of sets); first and fourth-ranked players and second and third- ranked players (3rd round of sets).

  • The matches will be one set – first to six, with a tie-break at 5-5.

  • The tie-break will be a first to 7 with a two point advantage.

  • In the interest of keeping matches manageable – we will use a short deuce format with the receiving team choosing which side to receive on.

  • Match ups are decided on sets won and then, if equal sets, games won.


  • Each match win will score a team 1 point with an additional two points awarded to the winning team on the night. Max 8 points up for grabs per round.

  • The leaderboard will be determined firstly by points won throughout the season and then by the % of sets won and then % of games won if necessary.


  • Warm up should start promptly at 730pm. The warm up should be no longer than 5 minutes.

  • For the first group of matches, if a team has any late comers the opposing team can choose to impose game advantage based on the below;

  • 10-15 min = 1 games

  • 15-20 min = 2 games

  • 20-25 min = 3 games

  • Game penalties are at the discretion of the opposing team and not mandatory.

  • Be kind and patient with everyone – the most important thing to remember is, this comp is first and foremost for a fun, social atmosphere. There is no prizemoney at stake.

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