Victennis welcomes membership from anyone in the LGBTIQ+ community, including allies and supporters who want to play tennis in a fun, friendly and inclusive association.

From 1 March 2021:

  • Membership is required to participate in the Monday Weeknight Competition and is included in the fees for this competition.
  • Membership is not required to participate in any other Victennis activities or events other than Monday Weeknight Competition (including Sunday Social, tournaments and other social gatherings) unless stated otherwise.

Victennis members have the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting  and can participate in decisions about the association's activities and events (e.g. tournaments, competitions etc). Members will also receive key information about the association's activities (e.g. Committee minutes, key decisions, notifications about upcoming events).

Membership costs $5 per year and is payable before or on 30 June and is valid until the last day of June the following year. Members signing up after 30 June are required to pay the full membership amount. Members joining on or after the 1 April will receive the remainder of that year's membership and the following membership period (e.g. if signing up on 1 April 2022, membership will be until 30 June 2023).

To become a VicTennis member, read our Code of Conduct and the Terms and Conditions below. Please note, it is a requirement that members of Victennis are residents of Victoria and have participated in Victennis organised social hits, events and/or tournaments.

1. I am bound by the GAY & LESBIAN TENNIS ASSOCIATION OF VICTORIA - VICTENNIS INC constitution, by-laws and policies, and all relevant Tennis Australia (TA) national policies (as developed and amended from time to time).

2. The Association may reject my application for membership, accept my application but impose certain conditions or vary, suspend or cancel my membership during the membership term at its sole discretion.

3. Membership fees are non-refundable (even if a membership is varied, suspended or cancelled) and my membership is not transferable.

4. I play on the basis that my membership of Victennis does not include any form of insurance cover, and I agree that Victennis and its Committee members will not be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage suffered by me in respect of (a) the theft, damage or destruction of property, or (b) any personal injury.

Complete the membership form below and you will be contacted with further advice by a Victennis Committee member. If you answer no or not sure to any of the questions below, please e-mail us directly at to enquire about the best way to start participating in Victennis events or join us at the next Social Sunday or tournament (see our website for details, times and location). Please do not complete this form if you currently play (or did play) in this year's Monday night competition. 

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