Monday night magic

In a season that brought rain delays, Covid days and on court slays it was only fitting that the skies opened up one more time for the final fight in our first full Monday night competition post lockdown.

Nothing could stop our finalists from pulling out all stops to end the season on a high.

The A grade final pitted the ever consistent Wimble'hun made up of against Big Dropshot Energy who truly saved their finest form for when it mattered most scraping through the rounds before stunning in the semis.

The two teams split their sets throughout the night and in the final moments it was all decided by a little more hunay. Victory went to Wimble'hun by just one game - 3 sets all, 25-24 games.

Congratulations to the championship combination of David Tan, Chris Bunting, Cameron Hylan, Mathew Bowerman, Chungda Sherpa, Liam Johnson and Christophe Buoy and also to the lethal runners up - Sean Fitzgerald, Justin Samy, Benjamin Ladbrook, Scott Wells and Simon Haigh.

Cast your eyes through the downpour to the neighbouring courts and an equally electric storm was taking shape.

Queens of the Court and The Slice Girls had both defied the odds in their semi finals to beat the two competition leaders in B grade. Both felt invincible and had their eyes on the prize!

Eight wet and wild boys delivered death defying dives, powerful passes and vicious volleys but it was Queens of the Court who were able to take the early lead and hold on until the end!

It was a heavenly end to a stellar season for Queens Garth Ebelthite, Travis Dean, Anthony Brown, Jason Grubisic and Matthew French and a fierce fight from The Slice Girls made up of Adam Fitzgerald, James Fielding, Andrew Greenwood, Patrick Whatley and Conor Holohan.

Stay tuned for news of our next Monday Night Competition!